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Tambov region is historical and important center and one of the leading cities of Central Black Earth district. Modern Michurinsk is the second for value town of this region.
Russian government constructed it as town-fortress (1635) in order to protect the southern frontiers of Russia from the Tatars and to further assimilate the black soil area. This town safely protected the main ways of Tatar attacking the Russian lands and made the rapid inhabiting of the region possible.
From 18-th century Michurinsk developed as a large trade center of agriculture. In 19-th century appeared in town 2 iron-works, bell factory and large railway workshops.


The main way of the South-Eastern Railway which connects the center of Russia with the southern regions crosses the western part of Tambov oblast through the town of Michurinsk. It's a railway junction and has locomotive and automobile repair works. Main industries of Michurinsk include machine-building (parts and spare items for automobiles and tractors, textile equipment, gadgets, household refrigerators), chemical, light, food.
Crops, beetroots, sunflower, potatoes and fodder crops are grown as well as fruits. Spirits, starch and treacle are produced on the basis of crops and potatoes processing. Cattle-breeding (meat- and milk-producing), pig- and sheep-breeding and poultry farming are developed. In the course of time Michurinsk becomes the historical centre of gardening.
Michurinsk is an ancient Russian city, an industrial and cultural center, one of the most beautiful cities of Russia. The nature is specific and beautiful, but the main thing is - it doesn't repeat itself in such combination anywhere else.


Architecturally Michurinsk combines modern buildings and old buildings dating from 18 and 19 century. This unique architecture shape remained in many respects till now.
Michurinsk was named after Great Russian scientist-selector Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin. The town has received worldwide reputation and recognition thanks to outstanding results of I. Michurin researches, which successfully develop now his followers.
In 2003 Michurinsk got Scientific Town status for much progress in agricultural investigations. It encloses an excellent geographic location with an integrated transport system, technologically advanced telecommunication network and peaceful social climate.

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